Add Metadata

sveltin add metadata

Add metadata to an existing resource.


Command used to add new metadata for your content to an existing resource.

Note: This command needs an existing resource created by running: sveltin new resource .

What is a “metadata” for Sveltin? Whatever you enter in the front-matter of your markdown content for which you want content grouped by it.

Metadata Types:

  • single: 1:1 relationship (e.g. category)
  • list: 1:many relationship (e.g. tags)
sveltin new metadata [name] --to [resource] --as [single|list] [flags]




  -a, --as string   Type of the new metadata. (possible values: single or list)
  -h, --help        help for metadata
  -t, --to string   Name of the resource the new metadata is belongs to.


Last updated: 06-Sep-2022

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