Welcome to Sveltin

What is Sveltin?

Sveltin is a CLI (Command Line Interface) created to boost the developers productivity working on SvelteKit powered static websites.

A small set of commands, subcommands and flags will help you generating typical stuff and let you focused on the content (and design).

Sveltin gives you a complete toolbox to be quickly up & running, without locking your creativity. There is nothing new to learn that cannot be done in 5 minutes to get started with Sveltin.

Inspired by Hugo and its approach, Sveltin brings some of the conventions of Hugo combining them to the power and beauty of Svelte and SvelteKit.

A Sveltin-based project stands on the shoulder of the standard SvelteKit starter by adding a convention over configuration approach, auto generated code for common use patterns, ready to use components and much more.

Last updated: 07-Feb-2023

Apache 2.0 License @ 2021-present Sveltin.io and contributors .

The Sveltin logos are copyright © Mirco Veltri.