Add Content

sveltin add content

Add new content to an existing resource.


Command used to create a new markdown file as content and a folder to store the statics used by the content itself.

New file can contain just the frontmatter or a sample content. Use the –template flag to select the right one to you. Valid options: blank or sample

Note: This command needs an existing resource created by running: sveltin new resource .


  1. You have already created some resource by running
    $ sveltin new resource
  2. run:
    $ sveltin add content welcome --to posts

As result:

  • a new “welcome” folder within “content/posts” is created
  • an index.svx file is placed there
  • a new “posts/welcome” folder created within the “static” folder to store images relative to the content


sveltin add content [name] [flags]


content, c


  -h, --help        help for content
  -s, --sample      Add sample content to the markdown file
  -t, --to string   Name of the resource the new content is belongs to


Last updated: 07-Feb-2023

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