New Resource

sveltin new resource

Command to create new resource (route).


Command used to create new resources.

Why “resource” instead of “route”? Although a resource is basically a route on SvelteKit router, a resource is not an empty route. The retional behind the name is related to the fact that to serve content a route alone is not enough. To name a few, we need libs, pages, endpoints, a place to serve static contents like images for the content belongs the route etc.

That’s why “resource”, all you need to group, serve and expose the content’s route.

This command:

  • Create a folder within “content” folder, so that you can add new content for the resource
  • Add the resource as route within the “src/routes” folder, creating its own folder
  • Scaffold a GET endpoint for the resource within “src/routes/api//
  • Scaffold +page.svelte component and +page.serve.ts endpoint to list all the content belongs to a resource
  • Scaffold [slug]/+page.svelte component and [slug]/+page.ts endpoint to get access to a specific content page


sveltin new resource [name] [flags]


resource, r


  -g, --group string   Group name for resource routes (
  -h, --help           help for resource
      --slug           Use a different layout for the slug pages (


Last updated: 07-Feb-2023

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