sveltin is the main command to work with SvelteKit powered static website projects.


A powerful CLI for your SvelteKit powered static website!

sveltin is the main command used to boost your productivity while creating a new production-ready SvelteKit project.



sveltin [command]

Available commands

  add         Add content and metadata to a resource
  build       Builds a production version of your static website
  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  deploy      Deploy your website over FTP
  generate    Generate static files (sitemap, rss, menu)
  help        Help about any command
  init        Initialize a new sveltin project
  install     Install your project dependencies
  migrate     Migrate your project to the latest Sveltin version
  new         Create new resources, pages and themes
  preview     Preview the production version locally
  server      Run the development server
  update      Update your project dependencies
  version     Print the version number of Sveltin


  -h, --help      help for sveltin
  -v, --version   version for sveltin


Last updated: 08-Nov-2022

Apache 2.0 License @ 2021-present and contributors .

The Sveltin logos are copyright © Mirco Veltri.