Install Sveltin on macOS, Linux, Windows and on any machine can run the Go compiler tool chain.


  • Git
  • Node (v16.9.0 or higher is required)

OSX and Linux via Homebrew

Homebrew will also install Git and Node.

# Tap a new formula

$brew tap sveltinio/sveltin

# Install

$ brew install sveltin

Windows via Scoop

# Tap a new bucket

$ scoop bucket add sveltinio

# Install

$ scoop install sveltinio/sveltin

Go Install

Installation is done by using the go install command. In this case, ensure to have Go (v1.17 or higher) installed on your machine.

$ go install


You can download the pre-compiled binary for you specific OS from the releases page. You will need to extract the binary, then move it to your local bin folder. Please, refer to the example below:


$ sudo tar -xvf $PACKAGE_NAME -C /usr/local/bin/

$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/sveltin

Last updated: 06-Feb-2023

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