Why Sveltin?

Well, Sveltin started as a personal side project that I now want to make public available.

I’m a huge fan of Hugo as static site generator. I used Hugo a lot for both internal (documentation) and public facing websites. It helped me setting up all I needed to be focused on the contents and the design. I love how the project is structured and how things are managed.

Taking notes in markdown on almost everything or meeting I attend is my habit, as well as have those notes available to me in a good way. That is one of the reasons I run several internal websites.

I am quite sure teams out there building the next static site generator are doing super stuff, using all the skills and batteries they have to be stunned.

Part of my DNA is to constantly look for new things to learn in different areas, I cannot live without it. Some time ago have started reading and documenting on Svelte even if I never approached it for a real use case. Infact, latest website I built for a friend of mine was powered by Hugo.

I see Svelte growing in popularity and adaptions, simply because it does things in a cool way compared to others (I am referring to the way the DOM is managed, the build first approach, …just to mention a couple). The near to come stable v.1.0 of SvelteKit will help the Svelte adoption more, I am almost sure.

Existing approaches

Before embarking on this little journey, I did my job on Google and GitHub. It is super simple finding good “starter kits” for your blog using Svelte, SvelteKit, markdown etc. but they do not satisfy my expectations:

  • The way project and content are structured (yeah, that is mainly due to Hugo in my case)
  • Not all the batteries I am looking for are included

What I was looking for?

Although my daily work is neither in programming or in websites building, I took the decision to start a side project to get my hands dirty enough and be ready for the next internal/external website I will do.

I was looking for something helping me dealing with the next website:

  • iteratively
  • incrementally
  • with a clear and clean structure
  • be ready to use and clear code to achieve certain use cases


Create something for helping me and others start using Svelte and Sveltekit for static websites generation, porting some ideas and concepts I loved from Hugo.

Sveltin consists of three main things:

  • The CLI: built in Go, uses Cobra, Viper, Bubbletea, Lipgloss and others
  • The Template App: based on the stardard SvelteKit starter (npm init svelte@next).
  • Components: ready-to-use Svelte components

Last updated: 06-Feb-2023

Apache 2.0 License @ 2021-present Sveltin.io and contributors .

The Sveltin logos are copyright © Mirco Veltri.